From the experience gained in twentyfive years of activity in the sector of the construction of labelling machines, S.T.S. Oenological Machines, manufactures this series of labelling machines for self-adhesive packaging.

The design with cutting-edge solutions and a simple and easy to use mechanics by the customer allow to obtain: perfect performance, total reliability, long life and easy maintenance.

The construction with top quality materials and metals, the use of sophisticated electronic control systems and the equipment of stepper motors in direct current allow to manage the labelling units with a perfect packaging of the product.

Our labellers are suitable for any need and for any type of container, both cylindrical and shaped.

Based in the heart of the wine lands, S.T.S. is today one of the most recognized companies for the production of self-adhesive labelling machines. Twenty years of experience has made S.T.S. a leading company in the construction of this type of machine with productions from 1,000 to 12,000 bottles/hour for cylindrical and shaped containers.

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